Get to know how to form creative habits and how to be innovative with M.I&PI Consulting !


We designed workshop to increase flexible, agile, divergent and creative thinking.


Creative problem solving is at the heart of what we do, all the process help to engage participant to positively disrupt their ordinary thinking patterns and uncover their hidden creative genius! We enable you to create more engaging work experiences and teach your employees how to be creative, by experiment the fundamental of a design thinking approach in a learning by doing workshop.


We work with you on the creating designs and innovations that sustain your business,

overcome problems, and benefit all your stakeholders. Let’s create more ideas and turn them into your next products and services. 

Energize creative thinking workshop and support for professional business !



Tiphanie Chabrol is an international facilitator, leadership trainer and coach for innovation and Design Thinking. She is using Human Centered Design to change the way people work


As founder of the M.I&PI Consulting, facilitator and mentor of the business School ISC Paris and MassChallenge Switzerland in innovation and user experience. Also member of the community Design at business to develop Design Thinking Coaches for large organizations working together with SAP, Swisscom, Siemens, Lufthansa or Hugo Boss.


Tiphanie works at the intersection of customer experience design, transformation and product invention. Her experience covers a wide range of assignments from different industries to non-profit organizations for different market like Switzerland; France, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium or Canada.


She is founder and director of the M.I&PI Consulting, offering unique programs and Master Classes by leveraging the collective intelligence. She supports leaders and organizations to drive innovation trough design thinking, lean start-up, agile and UX, to shift mindsets from old routines to open and creative thinking, to craft generative collaborations across silos, to facilitate connection with purpose for true commitment and to produce sustainable impact.




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