DIAGNOSTIC INNO - Strategic management tool for managers and their teams to measure the company's performance in terms of innovation.


Why do we speak of "capacity for innovation"? Unlike other types of evaluation, this diagnosis does not evaluate a specific innovation project, but the ability of the company to initiate, pilot and organize any type of innovation project.


It enables you to formulate and implement the most relevant and interesting strategic options for your organization in terms of innovation.

DIAGNOSTIC INNO assessment determines the resources that your company can exploit to differentiate itself from its competitors and the weaknesses that it will have to fill to remain competitive.


This assessment will allow you to:

  • To have a global vision of your innovation practices

  • To have a global vision of your company from the point of view of innovation

  • To be able to redefine your strategy in order to optimize your performances.

  • To gain competitiveness by proving your ability to innovate

  • To reassure investors and other stakeholders about the innovation capacity of its organization

  • Attract new talent




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