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CréativePrototypage, Processus d innovation

PrototypeCo créationIdéation

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École de designAgileInnovant

Pensée designItération, Méthodes agiles


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démarche d’innovation, innovante,

solutions innovantes, business school



    Desire to innovate is only the tip of the iceberg, you need to have a plan!

    Whether you are a startup, an SME, a large group, a competitiveness cluster, a public decision maker or a research organization, an innovation strategy is crucial to carry out innovation activities efficiently and purposefully.

    It is the prerequisite for the development of successful innovation management, the definition of an innovation process and the integration of innovation into the DNA of your company !

    That's is why we support you in (re) defining and implementing your innovation strategy.



    This audit assesses the company's ability to initiate, pilot and organize any type of innovation project.

    Strategic management tool for managers and their teams to measure the company's performance in terms of innovation.

    - Get a global vision of your innovation practices

    - Redefine your strategy to optimize your performance.

    - Gain competitiveness by proving your capacity to innovate

    - Reassure investors and other stakeholders about the organizational capacity for innovation

    - Attract new talent



    Accelerate and deploy your innovation projects!


    Dedicated to the innovative projects of your employees, the innovation lab is a powerful tool to unleash their creativity and give them an entrepreneurial dynamic within your organization.

    We support you in:

    - Project framing (Analysis of your transformation and innovation challenges)

    - The design of the lab, (definition of the strategy and operating methods) - The layout of the space

    - Launch and training (internal and external communication strategy and team training)

  • Innovation et créativité
  • innovation et créativité

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