How do you planned to make money ? Get practical answers in this 3-day training program.


Because great ventures start with the customer and work backwards, we will force you to think deeply about what your venture delivers to the customer, which problems it helps solve, and which customer needs are satisfied.

We will help you to:

  • Understand your users to optimize the value of our services

  • Innovate ideas and inspire others by trying out a variety of techniques

  • Make sure that a solution is designed from a need perspective

  • Plan and drive qualitative user research


You will learn:

  • How to map and understand user needs

  • How to answer these needs with targeted solutions?

  • How to translate solutions into ideas through a business model

  • How to build a great business model



  • New business developer

  • Product manager

  • Innovation manager

  • Intrapreneurs

  • Marketing (new products)

  • Trainees


The strengths of our training

  • Facilitating discussion instead of delivering information

  • Allows partiipants to share knowledge

  • Aligned to session’s desired outcomes

  • Your are participants and learners at the same time

  • About individual learning and group outcomes


As a faciliator we are

  • Objective

  • Unbiased and non judgmental not a stakeholder

  • Listening, questioning and coaching

  • Building consensus and agreement

  • Driving closure, action and next steps

On-demand training organization number for OPCA support or Training Fund.



+33 66 756 37 58

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