The goal is to start from a business challenge to arrive at the creation of a product prototype or testable service.


An agile, highly fluid and iterative process for rapidly solving challenges and creating solutions.

The training can shortcut the endless-debate cycle and compress months of time into 4 days.

Explore new angles and perspective to a challenge and get data from user research and prototype feedback.

Discover the value of design thinking and how to solve problems with a structured creative approach. One experienced Design Thinking coach guides and supports every team.


What we are going to do:

  • Define clear project/ business objectives: Define the roots of a problem from a user perspective before designing solutions

  • Customer segment: who do you want to create value for ?

  • Map out the current situation and your assumptions

  • User research and interview techniques

  • Ideate: explore new ideas and solutions

  • Prototype: build and visualise ideas

  • Test: review and decide best ideas

Deliverable :

  • Day 1 : User research/ research, interview,

  • Day 2 : Synthesis from the research, personas,

  • Day 3:  Ideation #1, ideation #2, ideation #3,

  • Day 4 : Prototype, user testing & validation


• Quick results

• Limit risks and reorient your project if needed

• Maximize your return on investment

• Make investors want to finance you


Stay open minded and get prepared to be challenge outside of your comfort zone !


  • Anyone who are curious to experience user-centric design as a problem solving approach.

  • Business leader, start-up owners or entrepreneur to be interested in providing good products, services or feature for their customers

  • Are you a large company looking to integrate the speed and responsiveness of startups into your processes?

  • Managers how wants to unlock the potential of their team to maximise their performance.

  • Enterprising student.

The strengths of our training

  • Facilitating discussion instead of delivering information

  • Allows participants to share knowledge

  • Aligned to session’s desired outcomes

  • Your are participants and learners at the same time

  • About individual learning and group outcomes


As a faciliator we are

  • Objective

  • Unbiased and non judgmental not a stakeholder

  • Listening, questioning and coaching

  • Building consensus and agreement

  • Driving closure, action and next steps

On-demand training organization number for OPCA support or Training Fund.



+33 66 756 37 58

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